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Minor procedures

Minor Procedures Performed by the Doctors in our Yarra Glen Clinic

Minor Procedures

Our doctors in Yarra Glen can perform minor surgical procedures. More serious matters will need to be referred to the appropriate specialist.

List of Procedures

The minor procedures our GPs can perform include:

  • Excising Cysts: Most dermal cysts are benign, but can be removed for cosmetic reasons or because they are causing pain.
  • Suturing: Sutures are more commonly known as “stitches”. Suturing needle and thread are used to close an open wound to prevent infection and promote healing.
  • Incision: An incision is a cut made to an abscess to drain it of pus.
  • Applying and Removing Plaster Casts: A plaster cast is applied to hold a broken arm or leg in place while it heals. These can be both applied and removed by a GP.
  • Dressing Minor Wounds: Minor wounds can be dressed and managed at the clinic, with more complex wound care referred to the appropriate specialist.
  • Contraceptives: Birth control devices can be inserted and removed.
  • Biopsies: A biopsy is a procedure to remove a small sample of tissue for later examination, typically in a pathology lab.



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